Forum Access and Information For Roughnecks Motorcycle Club Members


To access the New National Forum Click Here.

To access the old National Forum Click Here

Members please consult with your Chapter President or Vice President to obtain the gateway login and password information. 

If you are a new Member, please contact the National Forum Administrator -Robo in order to obtain your National forum Username and password. You will first need to be authenticated by your Chapter President or Vice President before the Forum Administrator can assign you your forum credentials. 

For general help or inquiries, please contact

Arch Angel -National Secretary

Robo -National Forum Administrator

Tank -National Forum Administrator

 If you have found a typo, error or omission please notify the National Webmaster -Tank

If you or your Chapter have a new idea and\or would like something posted on the National Website please submit a detailed email to the National Webmaster -Tank.  The Webmaster will obtain permission from the National Cabinet on your behalf before any action is taken.

Please note; not all requests or ideas can be processed or achieved. Technical restrictions and or approvals govern.

If you are a Chapter President and need to remove a Member from the National Forum please send a PM to Forum Administrator on the National Forum