Welcome to the official website of the Roughnecks MC

A Public Safety Motorcycle Club

Our club is a brotherhood of active and retired Law Enforcement, Military and Public Safety Personnel. We RESPECT ALL colors and clubs, so we expect the SAME.

Although we wear a bottom rocker, we do not claim territory nor do we interfere with those Clubs that do. Our bottom rocker simply signifies our home State or Province.

The Roughnecks Motorcycle Club (RMC) is a non-profit, independent and charity-oriented organization. The goal of the club is to generate an increased level of camaraderie for Public Safety Officers, Military Personnel and First Responders and enthusiasm for riding motorcycles. The Club also strives to raise funds for selected Charities. If you would like to help us, contact us and show your support of our local charities!

Proudly Supporting Our First Responders

Roughnecks Forever, Forever Roughnecks